33 Coffee Tattoo Designs & Ideas

A tattoo may be something you want as a means to express yourself or show the world what you are passionate about.  You may see your body as a canvas waiting to be adorned but whatever your reason, we’ve scoured the web and put together the best coffee tattoos and ideas that we could find.  So now you can get that coffee tattoo design you’ve been searching for and show it off with pride!

coffee tattoo designs and ideas

Tattoo Tips | Reminders

If you are considering getting your first tattoo, or maybe you just haven’t had one in a while, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Tattoo DO'S:

  • Design – Tattooists are artists with a wealth of experience in design and have great ideas.  If you are unsure of whether a design would look good, schedule a consultation with your artist, taking a reference photo with you.  At a minimum, tell them what you would like the theme to be. They may just have a unique spin on what could be just an ordinary, everyday tattoo.  They can also tell you if a design will still be relevant or popular in years to come versus a current trend.

  • Tattoo Placement – Considering placement is probably as important as the tattoo design itself.  Do you have a job that would require you to cover up your tattoo when at work?  Certain areas on the body hurt more than others to get done.  So, would you want a tattoo on your forearm where pain is more bearable or on your rib area where you may not be able to have the tattoo done all in one go?  These are just a few questions to ask yourself before deciding on your final tattoo.

  • Shower – On the top of most tattoo artists list is to shower or bath before getting your tattoo done.  It doesn’t matter how you get clean but hey will be getting up close and personal and tattoos aren’t quick so ensure that you’re smelling as fresh as a daisy when getting your tattoo.  

  • Eat! – Make sure you’ve had something to eat before going in to get your tattoo done as they can take a while, obviously depending on how large or complicated your design is. 

  • Cover up in the sun – Skin after a new tattoo needs time to heal and this cannot happen if you get sunburnt on the area.

Tattoo DON'TS:

  • Drink alcohol –  Don’t drink alcohol the night before getting your tattoo.  Alcohol thins the blood which means you bleed more.  This does not only make it harder for the artist to ink your design but the tattoo may not end up as sharp and clear.

  • Be embarrassed to tap out – If you are finding a tattoo too painful, please let your tattoo artist know.  They would rather you tell them and reschedule than know that they are causing you unbearable pain.  

  • Take part in heavy sports – Falling over can cause damage to a new tattoo which may result in further, painful work to touch up.  Also, heavy sweating can ruin the tattoo.

  • Scratch – It may be hard but try not to scratch your new tattoo.  They can get itchy but you risk opening the skin and it may not heal correctly thereby blurring tattoo lines.

  • Submerge your new tattoo – Do not go swimming or soaking in a bath just after getting a tattoo.  This can slow down the healing process.

33 Amazing Coffee Tattoo Designs and Ideas

1. Minimalist Coffee Tattoo

Bigger doesn’t always mean better and this proves it.  This cute coffee tattoo by Thiago Britho is small but beautiful. 

Coffee Tattoo Minimalist

2. Line art style coffee cup tattoo

Another minimalist coffee tattoo but on a larger scale this time.  Jota Burgos is the talented tattoo artist who designed this line art coffee tattoo. Created in one continuous line, it is a form of blackwork.  For those of you who don’t know what blackwork is, it is when a tattoo is created using only black ink.  They are striking and bold and use little to no shading.  Check out Jota’s Instagram page for examples of super cool blackwork tattoos.

Coffee Line Art Tattoo Idea

3. Coffee plant tattoo design

Here you can tell the world you love coffee but not by showing a cup of coffee.  This coffee plant tattoo has been expertly done and was posted by Reddit user ‘u/iowbshxiekwnw’.  You can see the original post here.

4. Tiny coffee bean tattoo

Who wouldn’t want a tiny coffee bean or two tattoo?!  This realistic coffee bean tattoo, inked by @sukza__art, is so cute and small enough to give you a taste of what tattooing is like if it’s your first.  Could this be the start of many more to come?  

coffee tattoo design & ideas

5. Roasted coffee bean tattoo design

This has to be one of my favorite coffee bean tattoo designs.   @tattoist_blue_ has done an incredible job.  So much so that you can almost smell the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of joe.  

If you’re looking for something smaller, simply reduce the amount of beans.  Either way, it’ll always be one cool coffee tattoo.

6. Colorful coffee berries and flower tattoo design

If you’re a fan of botany, then you’ll love Sophia Baughan‘s coffee plant with flowers and berries tattoo.  

Coffee bean flower tattoo design

7. Coffee bean outline tattoo idea

With or without the dots on the inside, this would be a cool coffee bean outline tattoo.  Done by @ylva.tattoo.  

8. Coffee cup tattoo design

Don’t you just love this realistic coffee cup tattoo design by @emiiink?

coffee cup tattoo idea

9. Tulip latte art tattoo

This dotwork tulip latte art tattoo by Kat Michme is simply eye-catching!   

10. Illustrated style coffee cup tattoo

Beautifully illustrated by @marielopesart.  

coffee cup tattoo design idea

11. Coffee cafetiere tattoo design

How about this cool cafetiere tattoo by Claudia Svoboda?  Backed with coffee plant leaves, the cafetiere itself looks metallic.  

espresso coffee tattoo design

12. Minimalist wrist coffee tattoo design

We love this cute minimalist coffee tattoo design by pintadon_tattoo!  This could also be a matching tattoo for couples or best friends who can’t do without their coffee.  

small coffee tattoo

13. Chemex coffee tattoo design

This striking tattoo of a chemex coffee maker was done by Maayan Chen.  Another coffee tattoo that really stands out.

Chemex Coffee Tattoo Idea

14. Small minimalist coffee tattoo design idea

This tiny minimalist coffee tattoo is by @palette.tt.  Again, this could be great as a matching tattoo for couples or as a tiny wrist tattoo.    

minimalist coffee tattoo small

15. Couples coffee cup tattoo

Annarosa Damone created these matching coffee tattoos, complete with small steaming hearts, for this coffee loving couple.  

couples small coffee tattoo

16. Death by coffee tattoo design

Done by Danny Piedra, this traditional coffee tattoo design won’t go unnoticed!  It’s bright, bold colors with black outlines make it hard to miss.

coffee jug tattoo

17. Coffee plant wrist tattoo idea

This elegant wrap-around coffee plant wrist tattoo was done by @ninnamon.

18. Coffee AM wine PM tattoo

I don’t think there are many who wouldn’t relate to this!  This cool illustrated tattoo was created by Laura Fraoula

coffee and wine tattoo design

19. Artistic coffee cup tattoo design

Another illustrated coffee tattoo but this time by rafal_oddart.  This is such a clever design and one that is quite unique.

realistic coffee cup tattoo

20. Illustrated cafetiere tattoo

Anna Sokolov created this cool, illustrated coffee cafetiere tattoo.  

coffee cafetiere tattoo ideas

21. Farming coffee & coffee plant sleeve tattoo

This amazing sleeve was done by Renato Firmino.  It’s not often you see a coffee grower/picker depicted in tattoo designs so this was a pleasure to find.

coffee tattoo sleeve design

22. Realistic coffee cafetiere tattoo design

One of the best we’ve seen!  The silver and reflections on this tat by Richard Arthur really is a work of art.

realistic cafetiere tattoo design

23. Cute small coffee tattoo idea

Sophian Cholet Tattoo created this cute, tiny coffee cup tattoo.  This would make a great wrist or hand tat.  

minimalist cute small coffee tattoo

24. Artistic coffee cup tattoo idea

This bold illustrated design of coffee cup, coffee beans and coffee plant was done by Jackie Annen.

25. Matching minimalist coffee tattoo design

Cute but simple, this outline coffee tattoo was done by Camryn Tapp.  We love how they are similar in style and how they could be used as a couples tattoo too.

26. Chemex dotwork coffee tattoo

We love this dotwork Chemex coffee tattoo by Angelic Hell Tattoo.  Although this is on the larger side, it could also be great as a small hand or wrist tattoo.

chemex coffee tattoo design

27. Traditional coffee cup tattoo design

Created by Ticker Tattoo, this traditional tattoo is impressive!  It has such bold and vibrant colors with a limited color palette.

28. Cool coffee artistic cafetiere tattoo idea

krabatling created this amazing cafetiere blackwork design.  It’s so cool that you’ll want to check out this talented artists other work!

illustrated cafetiere coffee tattoo design

29. Colorful chemex tattoo idea

This Chemex tat was created by TatoosbyChristin.  Made slightly different by using the Chemex as a vase for a coffee plant cutting.  Nice!

chemex coffee plant tattoo

30. Death before decaf coffee tattoo

If a dotwork coffee tat is what you’re after, then check out Marc Nelson’s Death Before Decaf design.  I don’t think the Grim Reaper ever looked so cool!

death before decaf coffee tattoo design

31. Artistically illustrated coffee cup and cafetiere tattoos

Beautifully illustrated tattoos fromBleu d’épine. Complete with flowers and birds, how great is that blue tit!

coffee tattoo design idea

32. Illustrated blackwork french press coffee maker tattoo design

Yase Farbextase created this bold, illustrated design of a french press coffee maker.  

illustrated coffee tattoo

33. Couples matching coffee cafetiere tattoo designs

Check out this cute matching coffee cafetiere tat by Alex Caldeira.  This couple clearly love their coffee!

So there you have it … 33 amazing coffee tattoo designs and ideas!  Hopefully you’ve found one you love.  Let us know which one is your favourite in the comment section.

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