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25 DIY Coffee Gift Basket Ideas for Coffee Lovers

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There’s nothing better than receiving a homemade gift, let alone a coffee gift basket.  Knowing that someone has gone to a lot of effort to make up a gift basket especially for you can mean a lot.  So if you have someone you know who loves their coffee, why not try putting together a DIY coffee gift basket?

What gifts go well with coffee?  What can I put in a coffee gift basket?  Well, we’ve listed the best coffee gift basket ideas each of which could be included within a gift basket as one large gift or given separately.  

So here we go – 25 awesome DIY coffee gift basket ideas of what you can add to your basket to give to your coffee-obsessed family, friends and colleagues.  

Gift basket tips

Before getting started, take a few moments to go through the following helpful tips to create your gift basket:

  • Choose your gift basket items first using our DIY coffee gift basket ideas list below as inspiration.  If you choose the basket first, it means that you may need to spend more buying items to fill up any gaps if the basket is too large.  Similarly, you may need to change the items you’ve already bought for something smaller if the basket ends up being too small. 
  • You don’t have to use a traditional basket.  A wooden box, a jute tote bag or even a cardboard box covered in gift wrap all make an excellent base to place all your gift basket items.
  • Fill the bottom of  a gift basket with shredded paper or tissue paper.
  • Place your larger items in first towards the back of the basket.  Then place smaller items in front of and around the larger items.
  • Use clear basket bags to place your basket inside or simply leave unwrapped.  The latter may not always be possible but it is more environmentally friendly.
  • Don’t forget to include a card or note to let them know who their gift is from.
  • Adding an organza or curly bow to finish off the gift basket will make your gift basket stand out.

DIY coffee gift basket ideas

1. Wooden coffee scoop

coffee lover gift basket idea

Made from beech, these stylish coffee scoops are available on Amazon (here).  This could be a nifty addition to DIY a coffee gift basket along with a bag of coffee.  Or, if you would prefer stainless steel scoop, then we recommend the Apace Living coffee scoop.  

2. Pewter keyring

This solid pewter keyring says it all – the person using it loves coffee!  Available from Etsy, this keyring is handmade by a family run business who use 100% sustainable energy to make their products.  Get your keyring here.  

3. Novelty coffee pot mug

coffee gifts for coffee lovers

This really does look like a coffee pot but this novelty mug can hold up to 16 oz of coffee – which is heaven for any caffeine addict!  This will undoubtedly be a great talking point.  More details here on Amazon. 

4. Barista apron - DIY coffee gift basket ideas

This apron is seriously super cool and is certainly a unique item to add to a coffee gift basket.  Light, comfortable and made in the USA, what could be a better gift.

5. Caffeine symbol bracelet

This novel wish bracelet is great for any coffee lover from Swish Wish Boutique.  It is fully adjustable and comes beautifully presented on linen effect card.  

6. Coffee and shea butter exfoliating soap

Doesn’t this look just good enough to eat?!  Handmade by GrupidoCountryLiving this exfoliating soap uses organic oils and real coffee.

7. Cute coffee bookmark

What gifts go well with coffee

How could anyone not be tempted by this sweet looking coffee cup bookmark?  It would make me smile every time I opened my book.  Created by Craftedvan, the bookmark is magnetic so it is strong enough to not fall out, keeping your place for the next time you carry on reading.  

8. Organic Death Wish Coffee

ideas for homemade coffee gift baskets

Organic and Fair Trade, everyone who drinks coffee should try out the world’s strongest coffee at least once.  Check it out here on Amazon.

9. Leather coffee coaster

What can I put in a coffee gift basket?

If you’re like me, you love the smell of leather, as well as it’s longevity.  How about this handmade leather coffee coaster from Sugarhouse Leather on Etsy?  At under $10 it is perfect for a men’s coffee gift hamper.

10. Peppermint mocha lip balm

What should I get someone who likes coffee?

A moisturizing lip balm made with all natural ingredients by Humble Love.  These include shea butter, coconut oils, essential oils and beeswax.  Vitamins E and A will stop lips getting chapped, especially in cold, dry weather.  

11. Coffee journal - DIY coffee gift basket ideas

ideas for coffee gift basket

This is a MUST for anyone who is truly obsessed with coffee.  This little coffee journal is packed full of information as well as a world map of where each coffee comes from to color in once you’ve tasted it, coffee origins and varieties.  Also included are infographics, brew methods and pages to record recipes and favorite coffee experiences.  With so much to gain from one book, this is the one coffee gift basket item that is sure to stand out.  

12. Whipped sugar scrub with coffee beans

best coffee themed gift basket idea

You’d be forgiven for mistaking this sugar scrub as a delicious looking tub of coffee ice cream!  It certainly looks amazing and although it can’t be eaten, it is excellent for skin and the perfect addition to a coffee gift basket.  Herbs and Soil have handcrafted this scrub using organic coffee beans and sweet almond oil. 

13. Hand stamped coffee spoon

coffee themed gift basket idea

Each spoon is hand stamped, cleaned and polished by Samirah Collections.  These teaspoons have loads of charm as they are vintage and as such, have differing patterns on each handle.  

14. Waterproof coffee mug warmer

best coffee gift basket

For some, nothing is worse than a cold mug of coffee.  Especially in winter!  With this coffee warmer, coffee can be kept warm until the mug is empty.  No more throwing out unfinished coffee or reheating in the microwave.  This is a gift perfect in size for a gift basket, it looks amazing and will be much appreciated by it’s owner. 

15. Small batch roasted coffee

What should I put in a coffee lover gift basket?

With each pack made to order, CurlyTailCoffee donate $1 of every purchase to Guardian Angel’s Pug Rescue.  Not only is this a great idea for a coffee gift basket but helps out a great cause too.

16. Coffee themed socks

best coffee themed gift basket idea

Made from Egyptian combed cotton, these socks by Friday Sock Co are such a fun, novelty coffee gift basket addition.  They are great quality with reinforced heel and toes and can be mismatched (on purpose!).   

16. Stainless steel insulated coffee tumbler

As the main gift in a coffee gift basket, why not include a Beast coffee tumbler set?  If coffee is essential at home, then coffee is definitely essential on the go!

17. Coffee bark - Homemade coffee gift basket ideas

coffee gift ideas for obsessed coffee friends

Once your gift basket recipient tastes this smooth espresso coffee bark from Cardinal Chocolates on Etsy, they will be begging to know where you got them from so they can order more!  Deliciously smooth, I don’t think any gift basket can be complete without coffee flavoured chocolate.

18. Better latte than never kitchen towel

best DIY coffee gift basket idea

Novelty kitchen towels at their best!  Do Take It Personally‘s microfibre dish towel is perfect for those who are coffee-obsessed and it would look especially great when displayed at a home coffee bar. 

19. Pewter coffee bean pin

coffee themed gift basket idea

Another stellar coffee gift idea handmade by Jim Clift.  This solid pewter coffee bean pin is a unique addition to a coffee gift basket.  It can be worn on lanyards or attached to caps, bags or lapels.  Definitely proof that the owner is into their coffee. 

20. Chocolate dipped espresso beans

homemade coffee gift basket ideas

YUM!  Espresso beans dipped in different types of chocolate:  Dark, white, milk and marbled.  Big Bear Chocolates is a family run business who sell their chocolates all over the country and these are the perfect addition to a coffee gift basket.  

21. Coffee scoop and bag clip

coffee themed gift basket

Made from oak, this coffee scoop is not only a scoop but a bag sealing clip too.  Plus, it will always be with your coffee when you need it!  This scoop by MijMojDesign can also be personalized with whatever message or name you’d like.

22. White chocolate snowflake coffee

best coffee themed gift basket idea

Available in whatever form your coffee usually comes in, whole beans, ground, fine, coarse etc., these white chocolate coated Arabica coffee beans simply taste of Christmas!  Available from Etsy, made by ShopIndulgeLititz.

23. Coffee stirrer - DIY coffee gift basket ideas

coffee basket gift ideas for men

How cute is this stainless steel coffee stirrer by Twig and Lace?  Each letter is hand stamped adding that personal touch. 

24. Specialist coffee

ideas for coffee gift basket DIY

Your choice of two Arabica beans coffees from various countries in the world.  This bestselling set from Salt Nerds is perfect to add to a gift basket and one that the recipient will be keen to get tasting.

25. All natural sugar scrub

DIY gift basket for coffee lovers ideas

Unfortunately this delicious looking product is not edible!  This coffee and cream sugar scrub by The Bohemian Box Shop is made using natural ingredients and leaves your skin feeling amazing.  

In summary

Hopefully you’ve found some amazing items to add to a DIY coffee gift basket to give someone special.  But just in case we haven’t given you enough ideas about what to get a person who loves coffee, here are some more for your coffee gift basket: 

More DIY Coffee basket gift ideas

  • Coffee jewellery
  • Mugs
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee journal or book
  • Pins or badges
  • Speciality coffee
  • Coasters
  • Coffee scoop or spoon
  • Bookmarks
  • Coffee based soaps and scrubs
  • Candles
  • Alcohol

Don’t forget that these are all ideas only.  You do not have to spend a huge amount of money buying all sorts of expensive items to add to your basket.  The thought and effort will be noted and your recipient will love you for it.

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