30+ Countertop Coffee Station Ideas

Not everyone has the space for a stand-alone coffee station.  So for those of you who have limited space, this article is for you!  Here are just over 30 countertop coffee station ideas that will inspire you to create your own even with limited space. 

What is a coffee station?

For those wondering what a coffee station is, it is one particular area that has been dedicated to making coffee.  It can be as small as a corner space on a countertop or as large as a specific area complete with it’s own freestanding cupboard, cabinet or table.

What to put in a coffee station

Items you could think about including in your countertop coffee station could be:

  • Containers or jars for coffee or sugar
  • Coffee pod storage 
  • A stand to store containers and other coffee related items including cups, mugs, latte glasses, spoons.
  • Add one or more decorative items such as a framed coffee artwork or sign to really make it the coffee station visually appealing.  
  • Decorative coffee syrup bottles.
  • Add flowers or plants to add a little greenery.
  • Use a tray to corral items that may otherwise look a tad messy or out of place.

Before setting up your countertop coffee station, think about:

  • Elevated storage – Elevate cups, jars etc by placing shelving or rails above the countertop?
  • Vertical storage – Mug trees or small countertop multi-tiered stands can help lift items up giving the illusion of more space.
  • Using external cupboard sides/under-cupboard space – Can you use the side or underneath of kitchen cupboards to place storage such as these coffee capsule holders or a rail for hanging mugs?  
  • Place away from the stove top – If possible, set up your coffee station away from the stove where it is more likely to get splattered in oil when cooking.    
  • Plug points – If you are using an electric coffee maker then make sure have a plug point nearby.  Of course, you won’t need to worry about this if you use a French Press or pour-over coffee maker.  

Countertop Coffee Station Ideas

1. Chic and sleek

You don’t need a lot of accessories and coffee paraphernalia in order to create a home DIY coffee station.  Homebykmb has created this functional setup with very few items that keep the counter top looking neat and tidy.

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2. Cottage style countertop coffee station

This cute coffee station is where the magic happens!  blushpinkdream has used matching containers and mugs to tie the look together.  I personally am loving the honey pot!

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3. Embrace your inner goth

Not a common look but how amazing does this countertop coffee station setup by chloespencvr look?!  

what should be included in a home coffee station

4. Light 'n Lovely

janki.home has created a gorgeous coffee station using multiple shelves and a hanging rail to elevate items that would otherwise look cluttered on the counter top.  Brighten up any space by adding plants, either real or fake.  Now, have you noticed that shelves aren’t traditionally installed this way up?  It makes sense though!  Having them the usual way up would mean that there would have been a large gap between the tiles and where the first shelf.  Pretty clever.

How gorgeous is the heart chopping board?!

coffee station ideas

5. Warm and cosy

If space is at a premium take a look at what therocksidehome has created.  Using a hanging rail is useful not only for mugs but for drying up cloths and decor too.  Flowers are added for a homely look.

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6. Vintage theme

If you love vintage, then this does not disappoint!  sabrinahomeideas has gone big and bold with her countertop coffee station in white, pink and gold.
what is a coffee station

7. Cute and cosy

I would love to walk down to this cute coffee station every morning!  I think it would cheer me right up, especially on a Monday.  cute_little_things_nc has even used a small light above the station as a finishing touch to this very homely coffee station.  Again, a hanging rail and shelves keep items off the countertop creating more space. 

8. Functional

This simplistic coffee station setup by majastkoduks.ee shows that you can create one using just the essentials.  Simple yet functional.
countertop coffee station for men

9. I heart coffee

There’s a lot of love going on in this countertop coffee station by mbeckerdecor.  Another cute, romantic space that you can’t help smile at.  
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10. Neutral coffee station

Using a neutral palette with dark accents, _ovenhome_ has created a stylish looking countertop coffee station.  Again, a small stand with shelves helps to elevate items that might otherwise have looked cluttered on the counter surface.  
how to set up a countertop coffee station

11. More than just a coffee station

33interiorstyling knows how to create a great looking coffee/drinks area.  The shelves have been made using scaffolding wood and can be stained as light or as dark as you like.

countertop coffee station idea

12. Have space - will use it!

archford.home has used a tiny space to create this gorgeous countertop coffee station.  It just goes to show what can be done with limited space.

DIY coffee station


13. Coffee bar

A coffee station doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair costing hundreds of dollars.  This simple but cute area dedicated to coffee making is all the space you need to create that coffee bar feeling.  Designed by designsanddecors.
countertop coffee station idea

14. Oh the tiles!

I love the colors used in this coffee station by pbandp.  Chunky shelves provide loads more storage and the tray on the countertop corrals items together in one space to leave the countertop clutter-free.

coffee station for small space

15. Coffee and cookies

This cool setup was created by homewiththe.marshalls.  Who else is loving that cookie jar! 

countertop coffee station for small space

16. Original backdrop

This original coffee station by naniehome has been cleverly designed with a backdrop that provides a functional yet warm and cosy look.  The wood and white drawers can keep smaller items out of sight yet still handy for when needed.

diy coffee station on a budget

17. Basic-ally beautiful

With the addition of the syrup bottles and coffee capsule holder, this coffee station by nanammichaudyih has all the essentials in one compact space.  

coffee station accessories

18. Modern

mandy_curran has used chunky shelving to add vertical storage to her coffee station.  The color is in keeping with the light and airy feel of the space. 

what to put in a countertop coffee station ideas

19. Country style

I’m loving that coffee machine!  cottagerenovationcwmrhys has created this gorgeous cottage style countertop coffee station.

countertop coffee station inspiration

20. Modern black and white

Using plants, foliage or flowers add variety and color to accentuate a predominantly white space.  Created by cottageonwaratah
small countertop coffee station

21. Coffee station vs Tea station

Coffee on one side, tea on the other!  makingourhouseahome_again has incorporated both in her design.

coffee tea station

22. Dramatic chalkboard backdrop

What a difference a striking wallpaper can make.  This space was created by simple.finesse.  
coffee bar idea

23. Country chic

autumnsummerluv has used rustic shelving to create vertical space.  The wooden bowl and wooden effect containers really add to the country feel.

coffee bar setup

24. Eclectic & colorful

For those who love a splash of color.  By nest_number_9.

countertop coffee bar station

25. Creating impact

whitecloverkindred has created a beautifully dark and dramatic backdrop to her coffee station.  Why not be bold?!
cool countertop coffee station

26. Wood & grey

I love the wooden shelving used by cozbass as well as the grey tones throughout.

guys countertop coffee station

27. Traditional style countertop coffee station

The gorgeous earthy tones used in kynoelle’s coffee station make it warm and inviting.

cute coffee bar station

28. Clever shelving

organisemy.life has used this cool stand to elevate items off the countertop.  This is a great idea for those who are unable to put up wall shelving.

simple countertop coffee station

29. Modern DIY coffee station

Making Home Matter has beautifully dedicated this corner of the kitchen counter for a coffee station.

how to make a coffee station

30. Cups, cups and more cups!

Check out this brilliant hanging cup storage solution by Jen Woodhouse.  Don’t you just love the bold deep blue color?

how to make a diy coffee station

31. No storage? Use shelves!

Maximise wall space above your coffee station by adding more shelving.  

diy coffee station

32. Coffee decor

Driven by Decor created this simple but perfect coffee station with a few choice items that clearly define what the space is.  

at home coffee station ideas

So there you have it!   32 inspiring countertop coffee station designs and ideas!  Which one is your favourite?  Leave us your favourite in the comments.