Top 3 Best K-Cup Organizers – Stylishly Store your Coffee Pods

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I’ve put together a list of the top 3 best K-cup organizers to help you decide which one would best suit you and your space.  They are perfect for storing your K-cups and having them within arms reach.  Not only are these organizers functional but they look pretty cool too and the reviews on Amazon speak for themselves.

The following are the top 3 K-cup organizer ideas based on outstanding feedback from users.

1. Capacity K-Cup Chrome Carousel Organizer

This number 1 bestseller is perfect for displaying your K-cups.  A quick glance will tell you which of your favourite flavors are on offer and the lazy susan base allows you to easily turn the carousel to reveal even more coffee pods. 

Holding anywhere between 24 and 40 K-cups, this organizer is a must for avid coffee drinkers who make regular use of their Keurig coffee makers.

K-Cup Carousel


Great reasons to buy

  • A choice of different models available to hold 24, 28, 32, 35, 36 and 40 K-cup coffee pods
  • Features a Lazy Susan base that spins 360 degrees
  • Chrome plated
  • Steel design that’s built to last
  • Counter top space saving
  • Looks stylish
  • Dimensions – 7.25 x 7.25 x 11.5 inches

Check it out on Amazon here.

2. K-cup Storage Drawer Organizer

This K-cup storage drawer is also designed to be a space saver as you are able to place your Keurig coffee maker on top of the drawer unit.  It is extremely sturdy therefore easily holds the weight of the coffee maker.

The storage drawer can hold up to 36 K-cups but if you need more space simply stack the drawers on top of each other.  The drawer has a stop which prevents it from being pulled all the way out.

K-Cup Storage Drawer


Great reasons to buy

  • Holds 36 coffee pods
  • Sliding drawer with stop
  • Space saving as you can place your Keurig coffee maker on top
  • Sturdy construction means no bowing even with a coffee maker on top
  • Dimensions – 13.3 x 3.3 x 13.4 inches

Check it out on Amazon here.

3. Side Mount K-cup Holder

This side mount K-cup holder attaches quickly and easily to the side of your Keurig coffee maker, although you can also place the holder on the inside or outside of a cupboard or even your refrigerator.  

Out of the three, this holder takes up the least space as it placed up and off the kitchen counter.  Up to 4 holders can be placed on the side of a Keurig coffee maker, holding a total of up to 20 K-cups.

Side Mount K-Cup Holder


Great reasons to buy

  • Choose up to 4 K-cup holders to fit your Keurig coffee maker
  • Space saving as it doesn’t take up any counter space
  • 3M adhesive pads for easy attachment 
  • Conveniently attaches to the side of your Keurig coffee maker
  • Mountable anywhere, not just your coffee maker.  Think refrigerator or cabinet doors. 

Check it out on Amazon here.