Annovera Coffee Mugs: What Makes Annovera So Popular?

Your choice of coffee mugs (and dinnerware in general) can be as individual as you are. After all, they tend to reflect your personality and style, complimenting your kitchen and your household. You may have ‘special occasion mugs’ that you break out just for guests, and other mugs that are reserved for you alone. Then of course most people have their choice of mugs that are used daily by you and your family. Whatever your choice of mug, Annovera coffee mugs (available here) have become a popular choice in many households.

Are Annovera coffee mugs made of porcelain?

Not only are these unique mugs made of porcelain, they are made from the best quality porcelain available, fired at 1300°C.

Porcelain is the highest grade of tableware available. It has been made in China and neighboring countries from the 19th century. Its superb quality arises from the use of a mineral rich clay that is fired at such extreme temperatures that it becomes almost glass-like. Its defining feature is when it is broken (no need to try this at home) it will be impossible to differentiate the body from the glaze.

Benefits of porcelain


Owning any type of ceramic tableware comes with the significant risk of breakage. However, unlike stoneware and simple clay, porcelain possesses excellent mechanical resistance due to the highly dense material. This makes porcelain incredibly strong and far more resistant to breakage.


This is fantastic news for you if you like to microwave your coffee often, drinking it piping hot. Porcelain’s high density ensures that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the mug making it less heat sensitive.

Easier to clean

Yes, that’s right! It is naturally non-stick, which means that it is super easy to clean and dry once used. It’s non-sticky property allows you to clean even oily residue (Bulletproof coffee anyone?) with the least amount of effort. Low maintenance mugs sound like a great idea to me!

Dishwasher safe

Thankfully, owning porcelain does not mean you need to start hand-washing everything. In fact it is perfectly fine to put your coffee mugs in a dish washer without a fear of breaking them.

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Are Annovera mugs toxin free?

Annovera products are independently lab tested to be free of lead and cadmium in both glaze and porcelain, on a regular basis. A certificate from the third party available on request.


“These mugs are stunning and match perfectly with my current dishes. The colors are so vibrant and their size, weight and thickness is perfect.”

What size are Annovera mugs?

A mug filled to the brim will take 16 fluid ounces. It can comfortably hold 12 – 14 fluid ounces while the comfortable handle will keep finger away from the hot surface, even those of larger hands.

These mugs not only look the part, but they are also well proportioned for us coffee drinkers who like a full cup of strong brew, or even a Salted Caramel Mocha.

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Where are Annovera mugs made?

The owners spent several months searching for a reputable manufacturer for their products. Their first choice was to manufacture their products in the U.S. However, after contacting a few ceramic manufacturers in the U.S., it was apparent none of them could produce the kind of product they wanted at a price that would be affordable to consumers. They also searched other countries, including Mexico and India, but they could not support their sales velocity. They carefully checked out manufacturers in China. They have been using their current manufacturer for approximately two years. Only adults are employed (no child labor) and they pay them a livable, decent wage. 


“I love these cups. They’re easy to hold and heavy enough to be reasonably sturdy but not so heavy as to be an issue. The colors are very bright and vibrant.”

Annovera Dinnerware

If you like the Annovera Coffee Mugs, then you will probably also like what else they have on offer. There is an entire range of dinnerware that can compliment your mugs including dinner plates, bowls, salad plates and more. See their range at Amazon here.

Warranty included

You will be pleased to know that Annovera products are covered by their 1 year warranty, giving even more peace of mind in your purchase.