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The 6 Best French Press Coffee Makers

Rise and Grind!  If your blood type is coffee, then it simply must be from a French Press.  And below are a roundup of the best french press coffee makers for this year.  

A French Press coffee maker is definitely not just something to consider… it’s an absolute kitchen essential! Is is also known as a Cafetiere, Coffee Plunger, Press Pot, Coffee Press…. call it what you like, but this coffee making technique is a must-have. It makes the perfect home brew. Brew-tiful!

You might be interested to know why it’s called the ‘French Press’. Well, ‘European Press’ might have been a better name, as it seems there’s unsettled business as to who – the French, the Italians or the Swiss – lay claim to this method of brewing coffee.

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The 6 best French Press Coffee Makers in 2021

Best Overall:

Mueller Stainless Steel French Press

Most Popular:

Aeropress Coffee & Espresso Maker

Best Budget:

Veken Borosilicate Glass French Press Coffee Maker 

Most Durable:

Stanley Adventure All-in-One, Boil & Brewer French Press Coffee Maker

Best Gift Set:

CrossCreek French Coffee Press Set

Award Winner:

Frieling USA French Press Coffee Maker

So, why does French Press coffee hit the spot? 

Pure and Simple. Thanks to the method of the COARSE ground coffee (very important) being seeped and pressed and not filtered. This results in a richer extraction as the aromatic oils of the coffee are not lost in the process. Be sure to use your favorite or at least good quality ground coffee beans.

Bad coffee be gone! In just 4 minutes you can press and pour and pucker your lips to your cup, and there will be no looking back.

Here, we give you the who, what, when, where, why & how of 6 of the best French Presses. Voila!

Best overall French Press for home use:

Mueller Stainless Steel French Press



  • Uniquely designed French Press made from professional grade 310 stainless-steel.
  • A double-walled insulated body keeps your brew at the perfect temperature while the exterior stays cool to touch.
  • The triple layered filter structure traps the coffee grounds and stops the sediment.
  • With a robust design, it is built to last. It is thicker (by 33%) and heavier (by 20%) and is drop- and rust-proof.
  • Simple to disassemble, clean and reassemble.


Put a little magic back in your mornings with the Müeller French Press Coffee Maker.

The Müeller brand of appliances and kitchenware (founded in Austria) believes that ‘happiness is homemade’ with an array of products that are efficient, durable and high-quality, for the home.

This French Press is not only easy to use, it is also easy on the eye, with its oh-so-sleek-and-stylish design and mirror-finish. Now you can drink your coffee and do a final check in the mirror before heading out the door, thanks to Müeller!

For more information on thMueller Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker 

Best budget French Press coffee maker:

Veken Borosilicate Glass French Press Coffee Maker



  • Made with grade 304 rust-resistant stainless-steel, including the lid, filters and screws, and a 4-level filtration system.

  • Thick borosilicate glass with handy measure lines.

  • Stylish design with copper color finish.

  • Bonus! Comes with a wooden spoon, a measuring spoon, a milk frother, sponge cleaning brush and 4 extra filter screens.


Elevate your coffee-making experience with the Veken French Press coffee maker.

The Veken brand (from China) is dedicated to bringing affordable, functional and high-quality products to your home.

The classic look and copper-finish deems this French Press a trendy addition to your morning routine. The features tick all the right boxes.

For more information on the Veken Borosilicate Glass French Press Coffee Maker 

Award winner:

Frieling USA French Press Coffee Maker



  • Frieling USA have designed their French Press with 100% 18/10 gleaming stainless-steel that is brush polished for a satin finish.
  • Double-wall insulated body will keep your coffee hot 4-times longer than glass.
  • No-drip spout. Nothing worse than a dribbling pour, and you would expect nothing less.
  • Double-filters for guaranteed ground-less and zero-sediment coffee. In fact, their filter system in patented.
  • Replacement parts available from Frieling.
  • Totally Dishwasher safe.


Frieling USA provide fresh solutions and innovative and durable kitchenware products.

Another slick-looking design. Brush-finish and beautiful, if ever a coffee pot was. In fact, their French Press coffee maker was a winner in 2017 in the US Housewares Design Awards by Home World Business and is one of their most renown products. Top-rated by numerous publications and coffee experts. They have also received an award in 2019 for Best Customer Service by The Gourmet Catalog Buying Group.

For more information on the Frieling USA French Press Coffee Maker 

Best French Press for Durability:

Stanley Adventure All-in-One, Boil + Brewer French Press Coffee Maker



  • 18/8 stainless-steel and melt-resistant nylon lid for thermal efficiency, BPA free.
  • Integrated pot and French Press is multi-use and so handy when camping, etc.
  • Locking pot handle – extends to pour and folds flat for packing.
  • Nesting design for a streamlined, all-in-one purposed system – nifty and compact.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • For a strong cup, use 60g coarse coffee grounds to 800ml (ratio 13/1) of water.


The well-established Stanley brand (founded in the US) has been around since 1843. Their trademark is “Built for life” and their reputation precedes them. Well-known for their tools, they too have a small selection of rugged yet refined French Presses for the adventurous type. 

For more information on the Stanley Adventure All-in-One, Boil + Brewer French Press

Most popular French Press Coffee Maker:

AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker



  • Made from Polypropylene for durability, free from BPA and phthalates – it’s FDA and EU approved.
  • A rapid (1-minute) total immersion brewing process to make rich, full-flavored coffee without bitterness and with low acidity.
  • Paper micro-filter keeps the grounds out of your coffee eliminates grit and means quick clean-up time.
  • Capacity is 250ml – a good mugful for one or a decent sharing amount to get you going.
  • Perfect for home kitchen use and on-the-go. Lightweight, compact and portable.
  • The AeroPress press set comes with funnel, scoop, stirrer, 700 microfilters, a filter holder in a nylon zipped bag.


Your BFF. Take it with you, wherever you go.

A ‘Better Coffee Press’. The AeroPress coffee maker was created by Alan Adler, a Stanford University lecturer and inventor of the Aerobie Flying Ring. He holds over 40 patents including the AeroPress.

For more information on the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker  

Best French Press Coffee Gift Set

CrossCreek French Coffee Press Set



  • Includes a stainless-steel bean canister, a scoop to measure out the coffee grounds and a cleaning brush, as part of the set.
  • 34 oz /1L French Press is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass and has a grade 304 stainless steel ultra-fine filter.
  • The stainless-steel coffee tin has a dial so you know when you have filled it with you coffee beans/grounds.
  • Complete with handy brew instructions that are easy and recommended to follow.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.


A fabulous little French Press set, with an elegant rose gold finish.

This fashionable French Press from Cross Creek USA, with accessories, is packaged in a beautiful gift box and will exceed your expectations.

For more information on the CrossCreek French Coffee Press Set

And there you have it. 6 of the best french press coffee makers for you to consider.  Whether you are a French Press ‘freshman’ or want to add to your caffeine collection, we guarantee you’ll find the ‘one’ for you.

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