Coffee Tour in Naples, Italy: Experience Coffee Like a Local

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Napoli Coffee Experience

If you’re visiting Italy, what better way to immerse yourself in a city’s culture by experiencing a  guided tour.  Not just any tour however – I mean a coffee tour – in Naples!  Naples may be famous for pizza and it’s Spanish influences but it is also well known for it’s Neopolitan coffee.  And only can a tour such as this, help you experience coffee like a local.

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The original Naples Coffee Tour

Tours are an amazing way of being introduced to the everyday life experiences of those living in a particular area.  And if you consider yourself a bit of a coffee connoisseur, or you just can’t get enough of it, then we have the perfect tour for you.

This coffee tour will arguably introduce you to the best coffee in Naples and is an education in itself.  Not only will you be tasting different coffees but you will also be learning how to make coffee like a Napolitan.  

Find out what a cuccumella, or cuccuma, is and how the methods of making coffee have changed over the years.  Try sfogliatella, an authentic Italian pastry with a delicious, sweet filling – the perfect accompaniment to coffee.

Best coffee tour in Naples, Italy - Our recommendation

You will be visiting the famous Spaccanapoli with it’s 16th century layout.  There will be an abundance of street vendors, musicians, piazzas, courtyards and small alleyways.  A feast for the senses!

With a maximum of 5 people, this small group is ideal for that cosy atmosphere.  With Maria as your guide, you’ll be able to ask any questions you like and the tour is likely to be relaxed, unlike larger tours which can often be noisy and busy.  

So, if you are visiting Naples, and want the best coffee in Napoli, then ‘The Original Naples Coffee Tour’ is a must. 

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A brief history of coffee in Naples, Italy

Shrouded in superstition, coffee was initially quite unpopular in Europe.  It’s dark color was associated with Satan and was often called the devil’s drink.  It is rumored however, that Pope Clement VIII, after tasting coffee for the first time, blessed the beans, deeming coffee better for the people that alcoholic drinks. 

When King Ferdinand III came to power in 1759, him and his wife, Maria Carolina, brought with them many Viennese items and traditions – coffee being one of them.  And although coffee had been introduced to Naples later than other European cities, by 1794 coffee was enjoyed by both commoners and aristocracy of Napoli.  

Experience Neapolitan coffee at home

If you can’t make it to Naples, then at least you can still have Neapolitan coffee.  What is Neapolitan coffee?  Well, it is coffee is traditionally made using a cucumella, also known as a cuccuma or flip coffee pot.  Made by a Frenchman originally, this style of coffee maker was refined and made popular by a resident of Naples.  It became a mainstay in everyday Neopolitan life.

Check out this video to see how a cucumella is used: