Coffee Tattoo Meaning | What does a coffee tattoo mean?

Tattoos could be deeply meaningful or they don’t have to bear any meaning at all.  If you’re thinking of getting one or are just curious, let’s explore coffee tattoo meanings.

What do tattoos mean?

Generally tattoos are a form of self expression.  They are an art form and visually appealing.  They may represent an event or a moment or a time in your life that brings back certain memories.  

They can represent what you enjoy in life, what makes life that little bit sweeter or tell others what you’re into or where you come from, your heritage.  

Tattoos can make you feel like you stand out, you’re different.  They can make you feel rebellious, sexy, attractive and/or strong.  

The ESSENCE of coffee

What can word ‘coffee’ associated with?  Coffee itself can have the following connotations or memories:

  • Comfort, warmth and cosiness.
  • The revitalizing effects of caffeine, getting that caffeine kick.
  • Companionship.  Meeting up with loved ones, family and friends.
  • Good conversation.
  • Exotic holidays.
  • The ambience of a coffee shop.
  • Daily rituals.  Waking up to coffee, having a coffee break or grabbing a coffee on the way to or from work.
  • Relaxation.  Enjoying a great cup of coffee and a book or simply watching the world go by.

Coffee can mean all of the above and more.  But with regards to coffee tattoos, or any tattoo for that matter, they also don’t have to have any deeper meaning at all.  They could simply mean that you love a good cup of coffee.

 As long as you love your coffee tattoo then that’s all that matters.  (That being said though, avoiding potentially offensive tattoos would be a good idea.) 

What a coffee tattoo may mean to others

Some like to give their coffee tattoo meaning and others simply like the artwork.  It’s all about perspective but seeing a person with a coffee tattoo might make others think that: 

  • You appreciate or have a passion for coffee.  Appreciate the science and art of coffee making, the hard work that goes into growing and looking after coffee plantations, the sight of coffee beans piled high in hessian sacks, the process of grinding beans, roasting, brewing, the artistry of latte making and finally the taste and aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
  • You may be a coffee addict.  You may be someone who craves that caffeine kick and who just couldn’t start their day without their fresh cup of Joe.
  • You enjoy a certain type of coffee whether it’s decaffeinated, dark roast, made with Arabica or Robusta beans and so on.
  • You like your coffee brewed using a specific type of coffee maker.  Examples of different coffee makers could be French press, cafetiere, espresso maker or Chemex.
  • You enjoy a particular type of coffee drink.  It could show that you love lattes, espressos or iced coffees. 
  • Your tattoo represents your heritage or culture.  
  • You worked in the coffee industry.  Perhaps you were a barista, coffee roaster or simply worked in a coffee shop.  A coffee tattoo could mean that you are reminded of happy times spent in your workplace.
  • You appreciate art and are combining your passion with another love, in this case, coffee.  
  • You could have an emotional element attached to your coffee tattoo.  Images of coffee along with a date may relate to something you enjoyed doing with someone you loved spending time with or someone who meant a lot to you.
  • You live by a certain motto.  This combined with coffee artwork shows a love of both.  ‘Life is short.  Drink good coffee.’ or ‘Where all roads meet’ are great examples that could complement a coffee tattoo nicely.

Coffee tattoo meaning according subject type

Whether as a job or just for fun and enjoyment, what subject would fit your coffee tattoo?

Language & Literature – A tattoo based on a favorite book, movie or scene shows a love of literature, language and coffee simultaneously.  

You could pay homage to your favourite author or poet like with this coffee tattoo below.  This is a famous line from a poem by TS Eliot, “I have measured my life with coffee spoons”. 

what coffee tattoos mean

Books & Reading – Similar to language and literature but how about a pile of books and mug of coffee tattoo like this one?

books coffee tattoo meaning
Tattoo by seansuetattoo

Gardening & Horticulture – A coffee plant tattoo can show a love flowers, plants and botany in general.  However it also represents a love of coffee in a unique and clever way.

Tattoo by Diana Severinenko

Environmental, Ethical – Tattoos such as the one below show not only a love of coffee but also highlight the need to support farmers, growers and their families in an ethical way.  By using Fair Trade coffee we are supporting and acknowledging the hard work of coffee farmers and the labourers who harvest the coffee berries by hand and ensuring that they are fairly paid for the laborious task.  

coffee tattoo sleeve design
Tattoo by Renato Firmino

Science – Having a coffee tattoo depicting the chemical compound for caffeine shows an interest in science, or more specifically, chemistry as well as a good cup of coffee.

Tattoo by Gabe #OfficialEvtVacaville

Coffee – beyond just enjoyment.  Has an in-depth knowledge of coffee and it’s brewing process.  Perhaps having worked in the coffee industry, think barista, brewer etc. or are simply a coffee connoisseur who knows how to make an exquisite cup of coffee.  This tattoo says it all.

If you like some of the coffee tattoo meanings above, why not check out our list of AMAZING coffee tattoos if you’re looking for inspiration.


What makes a great coffee tattoo?

You are going to have your tattoo for life so it is important to take a few things into consideration.  

It totally depends what style of tattoo you’re after but generally, coffee tattoos should be visually appealing TO YOU!  A picture is worth a thousand words after all and everyone perceives things differently.  Tattoos are no exception.  It is your prerogative to get whatever you like, however as mentioned previously, try to stay clear of any tattoos that may be deemed offensive.  

Finding a good tattoo artist is critical.  You want your coffee tattoo to look the way you want it to so do your research and find an artist who has plenty experience and is good at what they do. 

Research what style of coffee tattoo you would like whether it’s art deco, steampunk, hipster, neotrad or whether it’s done in blackwork, dotwork, colorful or simply black and white.  Knowing the style will help you choose a tattoo artist that specializes in that particular style.

In summary

So, you may want to give your coffee tattoo meaning or you may not.  It’s totally up to you!  Hopefully we’ve given you some great ideas on what type of coffee tattoo you could go for.  

Remember to find a reputable tattoo artist and make sure to check out their work first before committing to getting it done.  Not only because you’ll have your coffee tattoo for potentially the rest of your life but also due to health and safety.  

And one final tip, hang up a picture of the tattoo you’d like on a wall or cupboard or wherever it will be seen often.  If you still love the look of the image weeks or even months later, then you can be pretty certain you’re going to love it on you forever.

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