Couple Open Their Dream Coffee Shop Business

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According to Statista, there were approximately 37 000 coffee shops in the US in 2020.  This just goes to show how much we love our coffee and the friendly, welcoming atmosphere of a brick and mortar coffee shop. 

But, how many of us have dreamed of combining our love for our beloved cup of joe with making a profitable business?  Well, one couple did exactly that and opened their dream coffee shop business.  But it is so much more than just a coffee shop.  Various charities and many local small businesses are being supported just by it’s existence.

Keep reading to see where it all started.

How it all began

Mike and Brooke first met whilst at university together.  They would often hang out in the same coffee shop to work, relax or meet with friends.  Later Mike started working remotely but frequently ended up spending a large amount of his working hours in coffee shops.    

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Mike found that working in his current office lacked the atmosphere and buzz as there were more people working out of the office than in.  Similarly, for those working from home, working and living in the same space can be isolating.  A work day can consist of anything from 4 – 12 hours, which is a long time to make do with your own company surrounded by the same four walls.  

Anyhow, it was in one of these coffee shops that Mike came up with the shared workspace/coffee shop idea.  He had been thinking about how he could combine an informal office space with a coffee shop ambience.

So, in 2014, The Office Coffee Shop in Royal Oak, Michigan opened for the very first time.  It is a place where you can get work done but it doesn’t necessary feel like a typical day at the office.  

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When Covid hit, many more people started working from home.  This led to spaces like this becoming even more popular when restrictions lifted, as many did not, and still have not, returned to the office.  

Not being tied to an office is appealing as it can drastically cut down on commuting times, less gasoline is used and it doesn’t require smart clothing or getting up at the crack of dawn to allow for travel time.

Whether you’re an established business owner, an entrepreneur, studying or just get needing to get things done, take a look at the benefits of working from the The Office Coffee Shop:

  • Opens at 7am on weekdays
  • Be surrounded by those in a similar position working remotely
  • The use of a printer and other office equipment
  • Secure internet
  • Drink great coffee that you didn’t have to make yourself!
What could be better?!
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The Office Coffee Shop is community driven as well as catering for those who want good coffee and a delicious bite to eat as well as those who need to get work done. 

Some of the facilities offered are:

  • Comfortable work stations
  • Drink and food to keep you going
  • Private offices
  • Storage lockers for personal items
  • Mailing address
  • Photocopying, printing, fax and scanner facilities 
  • Audio visual equipment
  • Power outlets to keep laptops charged

Everything you need to get your work done, and more!  

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Supporting charities

Brooke’s passion for wanting to help those in need led to them to team up with different charities.  A percentage of their income goes to 3 charities per quarter and you get to choose which charity you’d like to support.

Charities range from those providing leader dogs to the blind, wigs for children going through chemotherapy, safe drinking water for impoverished communities and many more. 

Helping small local businesses

Mike and Brooke also started hosting the ‘Market After Dark’.  Small, local businesses are able to display their goods at The Coffee Office Shop providing a cosy shopping experience for those looking for gifts or unique items that haven’t been mass produced.  Buyers can purchase art, jewellery and other homemade goods thereby supporting local businesses.

Diversification is key when it comes to business.  Not only are The Office Coffee Shop getting new potential customers through the door but by targeting a wider audience means an increase in brand awareness and ultimately profits.  

What’s even better about this business though is that more customers and more profits means that the important charities they support, also benefit.  So too do the local small businesses who use events such as these to gain exposure and grow.

So there you have it!

Mike and Brooke made their dreams a reality, providing a service to their local community and giving back to charities.  

If ever you’re in the area, do stop by and say hello.  You can check out their website here.