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There are so many talented baristas putting a smile on people’s faces every day with their incredible latte art.  After a few interesting facts about latte art, scroll down to see best latte art designs we’ve scoured the internet for.  

latte art designs

The 3 basic styles of latte art

Did you know that there are three basic latte art designs that you need to master in order to progress and design other more intricate designs?  If you can get these right, then you’ll be able to work out most other designs and make them yourself.  

So, what are the 3 different styles of latte art called?  These are:  

  • Heart – The easiest of the 3 and one which is first learned.  This is made by pouring milk from the centre of the cup  
latte art names
  • Tulip – After mixing in the milk, the latte should be allowed to stop swirling otherwise there is a risk of blurring the design.  Unlike the heart, the milk must be poured a quarter of the cup’s diameter from the top of the cup. 
  • Rosetta – This is usually the hardest to get right but practise does indeed make perfect.  This design is also started at a quarter of the cup’s diameter from the top and the milk is poured with a ‘wiggly’ movement of the hand.  
latte art rosetta

I’m sure you will now notice how some of the designs in our list have been made using one of the above basic designs, or at least using some of the techniques.

How to get started learning latte art:

There are plenty of free resources available online if you want to know how to start latte art.  I however, am a huge fan of attending or following a course.  There is nothing like being taught from the ground up from those who are an expert in their field.

If you have done a search and have not found any latte art courses local to you, then I highly recommend the following course, which is online, and that can be done from home:  

Latte Art Course

If you prefer the structure of an online course, take a look at this latte art course on Skillshare.  It is a beginner’s guide to making latte art so an ideal place to start if you’ve never tried making latte art before.

In the course, you will be shown:

  • the basic equipment needed to create latte art
  • how to steam milk 
  • how to create the basic latte art designs (monk’s head, heart, tulip and rosetta) 
The other benefit of joining the course on Skillshare is that they offer a 30 day free trial so head over there now to see what you can learn.

23 Cool Latte Art Designs

1. A bunch of grapes

What comes to mind when you think of grapes?  I’m pretty sure wine will be the first for most!  Well, whether you love grapes as wine to drink or simply to eat, check out how cool this design is.  The vines and leaves are a great addition, making it more interesting than solely having a bunch of grapes on it’s own.  

Photo by agarojewska.

latte art grapes design

2. Zebra latte art design

Reminiscent of Madagascar, this has to be one of my favorite latte art designs by bala_1217.  He has clearly mastered the techniques used in making rosettas and created this awesome zebra.

3. Elephant

This whimsical elephant latte art design was posted by The Cup Cafe & Home.

elephant latte art

4. The king of the jungle

Seems to be a jungle theme going on here!  This incredible lion by cuzacuzacuza shows some serious skill with his lion latte art design.  

latte art lion

5. Hearts and feathers

andyandori has created a cool twist on the basic heart design by adding hearts and feathers.
coffee latte art design idea

6. As pretty as a rose

I’m sure there aren’t many mothers who wouldn’t appreciate this rose latte art design on mothers day.

7. Karma chameleon

How cool is this chameleon by Renata Khedun?

how to do latte art

8. Elegant swan latte art design

Swan designs are usually started with a rosetta base.  A bit tricky to master but impressive once done.

latte art swan design

9. Spectacular sea horse design

For all those seahorse lovers out there, how cute is this by dqflook?

cute latte art design

10. Freestyle pattern

A nice little variation of your typical latte designs.  It’s nice to see something a bit different to the usual latte patterns.

11. Dragon

Another amazing design by cuzacuzacuza.  Any Game of Thrones or House of Targaryan fans?   

dragon latte art

12. Sun latte art design

This sun design is reminiscent of artwork by Picasso.  Another that you don’t often come across in coffee shops.

13. Horse latte art design

Kristi Bain created this horse latte art.  She is an incredible artist and if her paintings are anything to go by, let’s hope she’ll be making more amazing latte art.

14. Cute bear

15. Winter stag

What latte art design could make you think of Christmas more than this one @barista_shengz?  And it’s pretty impressive!

16. Latte art snail

A simple but cute latte art snail!  He’ll definitely put a smile on your face.

coffee latte art designs

17. Beary nice

A different style of bear latte art this time.  

18. Boo!

Now who doesn’t know or remember Caspar the Friendly Ghost!  

@barista_shengz has yet again impressed us with his incredible talent.

latte art design

19. St Bernard latte art design

This is what we’ve come to expect from bala_1217.  The designs never cease to amaze.

20. Latte art rabbit design

dqflook created this cute bunny rabbit design.  

cute latte art

21. Woooooooo

Start practising for halloween now and perhaps you’ll impress your visitors with a latte art design of a spooky ghost.

22. Fish latte art design

Another not often seen latte art design.  This fish has one impressive tail!  Photo by kiyotti.angel 
latte art fish design

23. Tiger latte art design

This skillful latte art tiger was created by bala_1217.  This guy certainly knows how to create latte art to perfection!
latte art design tiger stripes

So there you have it … 23 latte art designs and ideas!  

Don’t forget that if you’d like to learn how to make your own latte art, take a look at this course featuring latte art for beginners.  

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