7 Fabulous Coffee Soap Recipes

I can’t imagine anything better than combining the aroma of coffee into an every day beauty product such as soap.  This is why I’ve create I’ve come up with this list of these 7 amazing coffee soap recipes from some very creative humans.  And the best of all is that you can make these yourself in your own home!  Shop bought products can not only be pricey but also full of harsh chemicals such as preservatives, benzoates.  At least making coffee soaps at home means you know exactly what you are putting on you and your family’s skin.  While you’re stopping by, why not check out our article which explains the other benefits of coffee soap.

best diy coffee soap recipes
diy coffee soap recipes

1. Goats milk melt and pour (SO EASY!)

This recipe uses goats milk soap melt and pour base.  Goats milk is excellent for soap making as it contains both saturated and unsaturated fats which, according to PubMed, helps with both being moisturizing as well as being able to produce a lather.  ‘At Home on the Prairie‘ also uses coffee granules which creates a lovely layer in contrast to the creamy look of the goats milk soap base.  

coffee soap recipe

2. No colours or scents needed!

If you’re on a budget and money is a little tight, then this first recipe is great as you don’t need to buy colors or scents.  Adding a good quality color and scent can make it just that little bit more expensive especially when starting out.  Soap Queen‘ says that there is enough scent and color in this recipe to avoid having to spend any more but the essentials.  

This recipe also uses coffee seed oil and this is the first time I’ve found a coffee soap recipe that does.  Just the name ‘coffee seed oil’ sounds amazing doesn’t it?!  Another plus is that it contains ground coffee which means it is great for exfoliation.  Exfoliation is brilliant for removing dead skin cells and can help reduce strong odors such as onion and grease or oil from hands.

3. Three ingredient soap (one of which you more than likely have already!)

It doesn’t get easier than this!  Only three ingredients are used in this coffee soap recipe.  SimplyStacie has also used goats milk soap melt and pour base to make this quick and easy coffee soap that truly looks good enough to eat.  Exfoliating coffee grounds are distributed beautifully throughout the soap bar and smells amazing with the addition of scented vanilla drops.

vanilla coffee soap recipe

4. Get that Christmas feel with this cinnamon, coffee soap recipe

I can just imagine how amazing this coffee soap must smell!  It definitely has a Christmassy feel to it with the cinnamon being added.  Korenhelbig uses a traditional recipe for Castile soap, a soap made from olive oil and which originated from the Castile region of Spain, to which she adds the salt, coffee and cinnamon.  These are definitely on my festive seasons’s gift giving list this year for teachers, family and friends.

coffee soap recipe

5. Super exfoliating coffee soap scrub

Charcoal has become extremely popular in the last few years and can be found in an array of beauty products.  Now you can use activated charcoal to create a super exfoliating coffee soap scrub.  It’s deep pore purifying properties mean that it removes oil, dirt and other impurities from the skin, leaving it amazingly soft and feeling great.  CandleScience use shea butter as their soap base and if you’re wondering how to get hold of activated charcoal, it is ready available on Amazon, here.  

charcoal and coffee soap recipe

6. Step up your soap making game with this coffee soap using lye

This recipe by Steemit is perhaps for those who have used melt and pour recipes but would now like to explore other methods of making soap.  Lye’s greatest appeal is that it is a natural product that was traditionally made from the ash of wood fires.  Today it is more commonly made from salt.  Lye is easily available on places like Amazon (you can get check it out here).  Himalayan salt makes this soap a great exfoliator and as it naturally contains more than 80 minerals, helps detoxify and cleanse the skin.

cocoa salt coffee soap

7. Cafe Mocha anyone?

This just sounds incredible doesn’t it?!  This recipe by ‘Hello Glow‘ uses moisturizing shea butter and antioxidizing cocoa powder.  Another super easy melt and pour recipe to delight anyone who happens to be on the receiving end of one of these delicious looking coffee soaps.

mocha coffee soap recipe

Ready to make your own amazing coffee soap?

My favourite thing about making soaps at home is how many different molds there are available.  If you’re just starting out however, I’d highly recommend a standard mold such, as the one’s below.  You can create so many different designs using just one mold, instead of having a new mold for every time you make a new soaps (which can get quite costly!). 

Whatever you happen to do and whichever coffee soap recipe you decide to try, have fun!  I’ve heard that it become quite an addictive hobby. 

how to make coffee soap

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